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Through Love I am Intention

Through Love I AM Intention

I am that I am.

I am intention.

My Life is based on intention. Everything that I do every day comes from my heart and the intention of my heart is always pure and divine.

I know that every choice in my path comes from a place that only desires goodness and greatness for me and all the people whom I share my light. I follow my sacred divine guidance. I always listen to my thoughts because it’s from my state of consciousness  that my intentions generate.

In my daily life I live, breath and act with the intention to bring peace and love into my life . I bring vibrations of greatness to surroundings. I know that my thoughts are bursting in kindness and compassion for the world that I experience. I shape my life with my intention and I allow the purity of my soul to express my divinity.
Today I connect with my heart, my mind and soul.

Today I speak, act and represent the intention of love because that’s who I am and that who I want to be for the rest of eternity.
Might Love flow thought me like in the currents of infinity.
Through Love I am that I am
I Am Intention.

Tai BLove Essence

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