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Through Love I AM Focused


Through Love I AM Focus

I’m that I am. I am focused.  I am aware that where I direct my thoughts is where the energy travels. I take the time to reflect on what I am focusing upon. I look into my life and I reflect in who I am and what I am doing to manifest the divinity that exists within me. At every second I have an opportunity to change my reality, my thoughts and my actions. My choices are a reflection of what I am focusing to achieve in my life.
I know that my greatness flows through me because my focus is doing the best that I can exactly when it needs to be done. I know that my light radiates through me because my thoughts are focused on divine love. I know my power because when I focus on my visions and interests I am directed exactly where I need to go.
I live my life guided by my intuition and by my sacred intelligence that speaks to me quietly when I open myself to listen. When I am focused I open windows of creativity, expansion, and growth. When I am focused I have certainty in everything that I do because I am in alignment with my divine intelligence.

Might I close my eyes and see. Might I silence my mind and listen

Through Love, I m that I am.


Tati B_Love Essence 

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