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The Search

  I see my people searching , looking, and exploring an infinite world of wonders. We are living in times where questions are unanswered and mysteries are unsolved. I believe that some people lost trust and faith in humanity.   I have seen with my own eyes the people blinded and programmed to believe a lie hidden in the tramps of a materialistic world.

We live in a world where the money plays God. People ask for salvation from this mental prison where some desire to die because they just want to live so bad. The truth is that fear oppress society while the earth is crying out loud for Love. The truth is far from being understood and people ask what is the truth. Our consciousness speaks but we can’t hear it because the screams and the pain of the world are too loud. Some close their hearts and follow the dormant crowd.

I tell you today

Don’t follow the rest.

Sing out loud and walk through the fire fearless of getting burn.

Speak your truth even if you are the only one that can hear it.

Plant your seeds. From the ground, the awaken will raise.

I know it’s sad to awake in a world and realized that everyone else is as sleep.

Hang in there. Play your part

I am that I am.

I am an extension of light 

Tati B. Love 

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