Light Workers

What a ride ? I know that a lot of us feel the same way about life. Sometimes life is a turmoil of emotions and challenges but at the same time everything is so divine and perfectly put together by that intelligent conciseness that most of us call God.

When you hear your call as a light worker its because you have gone through some serious events. This events make you grow and suddenly you open your eyes and take the veil off and as a nuclear explosion within your inner¬†being you realize ” I am Awake” and then you look around and so many others are asleep.”¬†

As a Light worker you realize the greatness within yourself
As a Light worker you are realized that no matter how hurt or betrayed you have been; you still have space in your heart for Love, kindness and compassion because the integrity of the soul is the faith for the light that breaks through the darkness.

As a Light worker you understand the responsibility of understanding emotions and following your intuition becomes your tool of survival by listening to the voice of love wich is the voice of the universe.
As a Light worker you understand that solitude is beautiful thing .
As a Light worker you understand that self-love is how you can truly love others.
As Light worker you have blind faith that no matter how things turn out to be our purpose to is bring light into our planet and that together sharing our light we become one with world and one with the universe.

Might Love guide our way.

Tati BLove Essence


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    Frank Hubbard says

    Hi my name is Frank
    I am a lightworker and have gone through my awakening I was seeing number sequinces many years before my awakening mostly 911. One day i was guided to a video and it was like this guy Victor Oddo awesome guy was describing my life to a T but i was scepticle of course until he mentioned i probably see 911 frequently and that spun my head i never mentioned that to anyone but always found it unusual and haven’t looked back since. I am being quided to leave my home and i am heading to florida porbably because winters in new england are to depressing. So basically i am reaching out to like minded people before i leave my home hoping to land in the right place. My goal is to awaken as many people to the we’ve been taught and expose the evil for what is and bring to light. Please reach out to me i would love to hear back.
    Thank you Namaste

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