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Its me

Dear God this is me. I know that I am in you as you are in me . I know that you are my intuition, creativity and life source. I know that your essence lives within me and you are present in everything that i do and say. The word God cant define your existence because our human mind doesn’t have the capacity to understand where do you come from and that’s why there are so many religions to explain you.

All I need to do is feel you and i don’t need any religion for that . You are the perfection of my life experiences even when we cant understand why or how it happens.

Dear Universe this is me. I know that there is a bigger picture and at this moment I ask for acceptance . I will accept that there is a divine plan for me. I let my intuition guide me and tell me what to do . I will do what is necessary to create and act.  Dear universe I am one with you and I feel honored to be part of your perfect plan. I Surrender to you . I am surrender. I am that I am.

I feel a lot of fear and resistance towards the way things develop in my life. I forget how to empower myself and I am vulnerable but then you take over me . I feel fear just by thinking in all the things that are ahead of me. I feel a little anxiety while responsibilities pile up and I don’t know what to do . I am gonna close my eyes and take a deep breath, meditate and feel you in all my being.

I know that everything will fall into place because you always fulfill all my needs and your love is manifested everything that say, feel , think or do.

I am power

I am Love

I am that I am


Tati BLove Essence

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