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I am Unique

Through Love I AM Unique

I am that I am. I am Unique. I look at myself in the mirror, and what I see goes beyond my physical features. I see my greatness, and I also can feel that there so much of me to be given. I am unique in this vast universe. I am the only one that can express,  create,  think,  and be in my own uniqueness. I was created with qualities, and gifts that only I can do the way I do. I recognize the divine spark of God that I am and I also recognize that my uniqueness is crucial because I have a purpose just by existing, speaking, acting, and doing.
In this day I recognize my magnificent and I give thanks to all the attributes that I have been blessed with. I recognize that my ideas, my thoughts, my love are unique and there is no one that can take my place. I know that I am not better or worse than anyone I am just me expressing my full potential through my body language or the way that I flow with my worlds. I know that I am unique in my own essence and there is no one that can smile, kiss, feel or hug the way I do.
I walk my path knowing that anywhere I go my uniqueness is needed and that I don’t need to compete with anyone because no one can be like me. I walk path knowing that there is always a right place and a right time for my unique light to shine.

Might I always be aware of my greatness and that there is no one like me
Through Love, I am that I am.

I am Unique.

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