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I am Meditation

Through Love I AM Meditation


I am that I am. I am meditation. I live in a world where I am constantly dealing with situations that are not under my control. However, I know that there is a place within myself where I can find the answers that I seek and the peace that I am.
When I close my eyes I allow myself to understand that the connection to the divine is always there to calm my spirit. I feel so much love when I am able to close my eyes and know that everything is so perfect in my life.

Through meditation I can feel my heart and every heart beat its life pulsating through me. The magic of my existence is to know that I am completely awake to whom I am in essence and that my life purpose is so beautiful and is more  valuable than what I could ever think.

Through meditation I am able to connect with my own divinity and receive the light and guidance from God Divine intelligence.
Might I close my eyes and feel the light of the universe touch my heart , my soul and spirit .

Through Love I am that I am

I am Mediation.


Tati BLove Essence

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