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I am that I am .I am love .

Sometimes I am a thunder and sometimes I am a rainbow in the sky . I am deep and I am strong . Iam what I am at the moment I am being who I am. I refuse to be tamed into anything and put limits into my divine nature. I am entitled to change my emotions and perceptions at anytime because “Change is the constant of Life and I believe also that change is transformation so we re constantly experiencing ,evolving and growing.

I am that I am and own who I am . 

There is growht in every experience . There is wisdom in every mistake . There  is a new you after every heart break . When you fail many times you get to experience perseverance . The  natural flow of life is change and when you know that you learn to navigate the waves of life.

The best moment is the one happening right now.

Time for Greatness .

Tati BLove Essence

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