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There are days were its hard to find ease in your life I know . It is part of being human and many people feel this way. However, those people dont say anything. Society taught us to repress the way we feel because its a sign of weakness. Please don’t teach that to your children. Being true to yourself its not a sign of weakness. Being true to your feelings and emotions its called bravery, courage and it is a sign of strengh. We need each other to survive. Have your notice how the presence of a person can turn your day around because they give you the gift their smile. Feelings demand to be felt and sometimes you cant stop them. I think we shouldn’t . Maybe we became so good at ignoring them but somehow they always come back to the surface not matter how deep you tried to hide them. Work your shit now and be a better human for the sake of human race. It is your duty to give the best of yourself to this planet.

Tati BLove Essence

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