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Do whatever you can

Life give us an opportunity to start all over again every day. I believe that everyday we can wake up and have a different perspective in the way we see our lives and the world. The life that you are living its a conjunction of your thoughts, intentions, actions , choices  and experiences that no one but you created.

The truth is that life passes us by in front of our noses just like the wind. Maybe one day you will wake up and ask your self  Where AM I ?  or Who am I ? and that day will hurt a little.  The beautiful thing about life is that every stage in our lives bring us to a new understanding or a  new perspective. There will be moments where we will take decisions that will bring consequences. However, those consequences will lead us to new experiences.

Sometimes we miss opportunities in our lives because maybe its not the right time. Sometimes we are simply not ready for it. However, we need to be confident that new opportunities will come.

I notice that a lot of people want to receive without giving. Remember to give your time, your energy and your intention to everything that is dear to your heart and soul. Figure out what lights the fire within you and go do what you need to do.  I notice that a lot of people want to receive opportunities and success. However, you cant expect that if what you think , say or do is not in alignment. Good things take time so “Patience” is crucial.

We came to this world to share our light and our love. No matter what you do or where you are “Share your Light”. I know sometimes we picture our lives different. I know that most of us are not where we would imagine to be a certain age. But, it doesn’t matter because every moment its perfect. I believe it only takes a change of consciousness to take your life into the direction that you want.  Every moment its perfect. Every moment its a blessing. Every moment its  new beginning. Go on and embrace life. Go on and trust your self. Go on and take action , make changes and do what it needs to be done.  Please leave the rest to God.

Keep yourself attach to the present moment ans share your light

shine like the sun

illuminate like the moon

caress like the breeze

Be True

Be you

Tati BLove Essence





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