Spiritual healing is an important part of Metaphysics and the Metaphysical Chapel’s Ministry. We have a team of trained spiritual healers and we teach many about spiritual healing. We have served our community by visiting the sick, the elderly and also the veterans. Spiritual healing is unconditional love that comes from source. The healer is simply the instrument that channels the healing energy to the recipient to charge their energy system, much like a battery, removing blockages in their energetic spiritual body which then aides the physical body in healing itself.

During our Sunday Healing Services (10:30am-11am), our Spiritual Healers stand behind their healing chairs in meditative readiness waiting for our guests to approach the healing chairs quietly. Our Healers will not touch you during the Healing (except to greet you as you sit). Spiritual Healing occurs in total silence and without direction of the needs. Infinite Intelligence (God) knows exactly what is needed and where. The guest is encouraged to SIT IN SILENCE in “open receptivity” that wholeness, health and happiness are present and coming forth. After the Healer finishes their session, guests may return to their seat for continued meditation and contemplation. Please let your healer know after church if you have experienced curative results and betterment. They will be pleased by this kind gesture.

Healing Prayer Book (available during every church service): Each attendee is encouraged to write down the name(s) of those in their life or in Spirit in need of recognition, healing energies and loving support. During our Sunday Worship Services (11am-12pm), this Prayer Book is read aloud during our Meditational Healing segment.

Virtual Healing Prayer Circle (by email): We offer our gracious team of healing volunteers connected through the power of the internet… ready daily to pray and send curative healing energies to all in need who contact us for such assistance. Email our OFFICE (info@MetaphysicalChapel.com) or call our office 754-300-1428 with your request to place yours or your loved one’s name(s) before our team of healers for upliftment and healing.


Would you like to become a Spiritual Healer during our Sunday Healing Services? 

We would encourage you to begin attending on a regular basis for a few months while you get to know our church family and our teachings. If you feel moved to go forward, we invite you to speak to our Senior Minister (Rev. Kevin Lee) who will discuss your Volunteerism as a Healer and in the church, including the steps you will need to begin taking to become an active and committed member. *We offer regularly a free Spiritual Healing class to the public to prepare “future healers” for public Sunday Healing Services. Our healers must be committed to working towards membership or currently be members.

Spiritual Healing is one of the special phases of Mediumship and of Divine Metaphysics, which uses the understanding, and power of the Natural Universal Laws to impart vital and curative forces to pathological conditions. It is recognized in the Bible’s New Testament and has been a core practice of  ancient religions and all world religions today. A human being is made up of three parts: Body, Mind and Spirit. The energy of the mind controls the condition of these parts. Constructive, positive mental thoughts create healthy conditions in both the healer and the patient. Destructive, negative mental thoughts create “dis-ease.” The normal condition of an individual is to be perfect and healthy in Body, Soul and Spirit. God has made this condition available for everyone. We are each… God – In – Expression. Therefore, there is always a limitless supply of Divine Healing Energy to help a person achieve perfect health. Our Spiritual Healers use Divine Energy and the Natural Universal Laws under the direction and guidance of Higher Spirit Intelligences and Healing Forces to help an individual during a healing.

Spiritual Healers work in many different ways; however, they always contain common attributes. Healers meditate to raise their consciousness to the spiritual plane, requesting spiritual direction and guidance. They visualize the person receiving healing and request the cooperation of unseen forces to direct healing energy to that individual.

The healers visualize the person in perfect health, affirm the presence of Infinite Intelligence and give thanks for an influx of peace, harmony and balance.

The healers mentally direct to the individual instructions to attune their own mental energies along positive and constructive pathways. Although the healers can assist an individual by directing healing energies, the success of a healing depends on the desire of the person to use his or her own mental energy positively. The individual desiring healing needs to attune their own mind to Spirit so that the forces can operate successfully.

Prayer for Spiritual Healing
I ask the Great Unseen Healing Force to remove all obstructions from my mind and body and to restore me to perfect health.
I ask this in all sincerity and I will do my part.
I ask this Great Unseen Healing Force to help all present on Earth and those in Spirit who are in need of help and to restore them to perfect health. I put my trust in the love & power of God. And so it is.