Welcome to our Chapel,

As a First-Time guest, we take pride in making you feel at home. We believe that you were sent to us for a higher purpose. We open our doors to offer you spiritual healing, a listening ear and a guiding light for your new metaphysical journey with us.

Visitors to our Sunday Services will find several unique offerings: Spiritual Healing, Blessings our Children, Meditation and Prayer, Messages from Spirit and an outstanding full Music Ministry meant to inspire all with joy.

10:30 AM every Sunday begins our Spiritual Healing Service. Our trained Healers (Members) stand meditatively behind her healing chairs in front of our chapel. Guests are encouraged to approach for a healing experience when chairs are empty. Approach our Healers in silent meditation, please. The Ultimate Healer, God, knows exactly where healing is needed. And so sit in “open acceptance” of your Divine Unfoldment into Wholeness, Health and Happiness. Our Spiritual Healers do not need to physically touch our guests but work through the spiritual body we each possess.

11 AM begins our Celebratory-styled Sunday Spiritual Hour. Our music is inspired towards a praise and worship vibration with an upgrade of metaphysical interpretations. Our Music Ministry is lead by Rev. Tim Jack, International Music Producer, Composer, Singer, Musician. Rev. Tim regularly brings to our services his network of professional singers and musicians to share their Gifts of Music and Voice. During this welcoming service, we will take you on a beautiful journey through a guided healing meditation, prayers for our loved ones in need and in Spirit, a Sunday spiritual message with metaphysically interpreted scriptural references from various religious text (as we honor all religions as valid pathways to God), a time for giving and offering in gratitude for all God has shared with us, a sharing of our vision for our community and finally a closing ceremony of prayer, affirmation and the joining together of our spiritual family by hand. A truly joyful experience!

*Children’s Ministry
We welcome all families to participate in bringing their children to join our safe, fun and metaphysically educational Children’s Ministry at the Metaphysical Chapel. Parents can start off by attending our 11am Spiritual Hour each Sunday. After the opening Welcome, Songs and our “Special Greetings to Each Other”… we share in community by Honoring and Blessing our Children off to begin their Sunday Kids programs upstairs in Classroom 8. Parents are encouraged to either call our office at 754-300-1428 or speak to one of our Greeters upon arriving for more information on our program for kids ages 4 and up!

Twice monthly, we offer a Message Service at 12:30pm. 
This special service is a demonstration of our core principle that “There is no death; Life continues on.”
You will experience a professional demonstration of mediumship and communication from those souls in the higher realms of life through beautiful and healing evidential messages.

Each month we offer a wide array of workshops, classes and programs to participate in and learn from. We encourage you to visit our website often as our Calendar of Events is always being updated.

Don’t miss attending our monthly fundraiser! Our Psychic Fair is held the last Saturday monthly (except December) from 12pm – 4pm. Here you can experience a large selection of different intuitive readers to help guide you better on your spiritual path. Visit our Metaphysical Vendors that are present with their selections of art, jewelry, body care, and more.

Many Blessings, Dear Friends.
Kevin Ordination 2013 small
Rev. Kevin Lee, Senior Minister