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High Quality Spirits and Ouija Boards

How do folks in Canada (and even some near Miami) “Reach for Spirits”?    Hmmm. I wonder… 

Evil Spirits Distillery Co-Founder David Walker told Bob Kronbauer  ( Article Here)  that they wanted to “infuse some evil into [their] bottles” and that “having a little piece of Dracula seemed like a great way to do it.”

So to CALL UP MORE SPIRITS they sank actual freakin’ stones from Poenari Castle into each bottle of Evil Spirits Distillery’s vodka. Never heard of this castle? It’s Dracula’s castle that was once inhabited by the infamous, Vlad the Impaler. Yes, way! It’s known as one of the most haunted places in the world!

Wowzers, Scoobie!

One (1) Deathly-Cold (chilled) bottle of Evil Spirits Vodka Alcohol;
One (1) Ouija Board & Planchette; and
One (1) Stone Artifact of Death and Fear.

Then let “Jesus Take the Wheel.” { start humming Carrie Underwood’s song here}

Buy this product and “You’ll never drink alone again” [tag line]

Evil Spirits Distillery’s Ouija Board Vodka is sure to be HAUNTING the shelves of your local liquor store by OCTOBER! As of this post, none could be located in the Fort Lauderdale area stores. SURELY ITS DUE TO THE WRITER’S KARMA!

Since Jesus drank wine clearly, he wont mind our sharing how to get your hot little hands around this Sexy Charlatan! If you want some and don’t see it in your local liquor store get them to contact the brand reps, Noble Traders HERE. OR you can order a bottle directly online for $51.75 HERE.

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Many of you may ask – What’s all this fuss about Ouija Boards and Psychics?!?

Rapping upon the Walls of the Spirit World –
Sometime it’s Kinda Scary, sometimes it’s Perfectly Perplexing and sometimes, yes, it’s Exquisitely Enlightening!

For our spiritual center in Fort Lauderdale, the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida ( , one of our core principles states, “We affirm that Communication with Spirit is a Natural Experience Demonstrated through Mediumship.

I’m sorry Shaggy! I could have sworn you just said you guys talk to the dead. I clearly didn’t hear you right.

At the Metaphysical Chapel, we dont speak to the dead, we “Communicate with the Living” in the higher realms of of life across the veil. We teach that “There is No Death; Only a Continuity of Life.” We train everyday folks how to meditate and expand their God-given natural intuitive abilities (ie. spirit communication and healing) just as the man Jesus taught his human disciples how to develop their natural abilities of healing, psychic sensing and mediumistic communication with living souls in the next realm.

Everyone has such potentials – some more than others. Not everyone is ready to unfold those abilities. When they are ready, we are here keeping the Light of Truth ON like a lighthouse offering safe passage through the darkness of misinformation spread falsely by other religions.

Ouija Boards are sadly sold as playing boards in stores today. But they ARE used in spiritual circles across the world to make contact with spirit personalities for positive or negative purposes. They most certainly do work! Can they be dangerous? YES if used by ignorant folks with no clue what they are doing (aka, most people!). Can they be helpful? YES. We have seen many of our own metaphysical practitioners using them successfully to bring through very healing messages from loved ones in spirit, even of prophecy.

Our Expert Recommendations:

*Dont drink alcohol AND attempt to “call up spirits.” You will most likely attract souls that held such addictive personalities and will thrive on the fear factor of the moment.

*Dont treat it like a fun parlor game. It’s not! It is a highly spiritual “spirit communication” tool which can be used to make contact with spirit personalities of all types. If you play around and enjoy being scared to death, guess what!? THAT is what is drawn to you from the spirit world.. tricksters and fear-based beings. Law of Attraction doesn’t always come wrapped in a pretty Red Ribbon!

*Know this – Ouija Boards are NOT DANGEROUS! They hold no power themselves. The only harm they can do you is if I hit you with one!

YOU are the power that activates them. ANYTHING can be turned into a Ouija board. So its not the board, its your Intentions that are the Key that is turned in the Lock of the Door you call a Ouija board. Make sure you use the right vibrational Key of Intention – one of Pure Positivity and of God’s Goodness!

*YES, you can sit with pure, positive intentions when attempting spirit contact and have an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL experience. A Prayer of Protection is required. White Candles set intention of purity of spirit. Rose Oil or sprays set another high vibration when used in such a ceremonial gathering. “Sage-ing” (burning white sage) your space clears away negativity before you begin. Sweet Grass burned fills the space with sweet vibrations and positivity. Have one (1) experienced “Ouija board” medium or psychic present who can handle any unforeseen energies /personalities that come forward. Always close in Gratitude and Love for God’s Goodness and Abundance in our Lives. Thank the loving spirits who came to support your session and bless them on their journey back to the higher realms of life.

Remember, above all else, when we knock on the door to the infinity of the afterlife, we never know who will answer that call…. best to be knowledgeable, prepared and safe – and let’s throw in Respectfulness for good measure!

Rev. Kevin Lee, Senior Minister, Spiritual Medium (
Metaphysical Chapel of S. Florida

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