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Classes and Events
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* Sharing Space inside


Sunshine Cathedral MCC
1480 SW 9th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

**NOTICE** We use the smaller chapel located in the back of this property on its SOUTH EAST side ( facing SW 15th St) -

specifically inside the Robert S. Graham, MD and Paul Fasana Chapel (NOT the Large Main Sanctuary in front of this property) 




2013-2014 CLASS & EVENTS

(all event monies mentioned are "donations" for tax purposes)



SPRING 2014 Seminary (Roanoke VA)

for all United Metaphysical Churches (UMC) Seminarians


(April 27 - May 3, 2014)


SUMMER 2014 Seminary (Roanoke VA)

(June 20 - 22, 2014)



FALL 2014 Seminary (Roanoke VA)

(Oct. 2 - 8, 2014)



Annual Convention of UMC Churches 2014 (Roanoke VA)


(Oct. 10 - 12, 2014)





 July 20th, Sunday

Healing Service  10:30am-11am

Worship Service  11am-12pm

Sunday Speaker: Rev. Patricia Loughan, UMC Minister, Member of the Metaphysical Chapel




12pm-130pm  SUMMER BBQ POTLUCK Luncheon for all



 2pm-430pm (doors open 130pm)

Classroom #8 upstairs


Discover the Hidden Wisdom of Your Energy Fields
Energy Psychology/Systemic Constellations/ Epigenetics.
A Workshop about Balance, Healing and Harmony

Carla Van Walsum, PhD


More info:  http://www.carlavanwalsum.com/energypsychologyfamilyconstellations/

Prepaid: $25 prepaid by 7/19 at 11pm or Door Rate: $30


Appealing to our innate human desire to live in balance and harmony, Carla uses a phenomenal methodology that taps into the wisdom of the systems in which we live – our personal and family systems, community systems & organizational systems. The wisdom of the Morphic genetic fields reveals & can transform the subtle energies, dynamics & patterns that enhance or hinder our ability to thrive.


In this interactive workshop Carla facilitates a process that explores life’s complexities and skillfully transforms them so that the most harmonious outcomes may arise. Bring your life questions, issues, challenges and dreams to be explored.

Guided Imagery included.

1. Get Unstuck in Career or choices

2. Delete Blocks hidden in Your Sub-consciousness

3. Clear Trans-Generational effects stored in Your Cell-memory

4. Get Happy, Fulfilling Relationships

5. Feel Instantly More Inner Peace & Balance





 July 21, Monday


  An Energy Portals Class

(Tim Simmone, owner of www.ChargedWater.com)


 7pm-9pm (doors open 630pm)

Classroom #8 upstairs

Max 25 Guests


Cost: $15 per person

All proceeds support the Metaphysical Chapel's Building Fund.


It's fun and easy to create energy portals in your personal space using crystals and gemstones. Portals help to dissipate negative energies and can bring in a variety of beneficial energies into your space, depending on your intention and the configuration of your portal. These portals can be as small or as large as your space and imagination allows. At this class, we will cover the basics of energy portals, how they can help you and, most important, how you can build one at home.





July 26th, Saturday




Location: in the Graham Fasana Chapel Space

 $15/15 minute reading




July 27, Sunday


Healing Service  10:30am-11am

Worship Service  11am-12pm

Sunday Speaker: Rev. Dr. Grace Telesco

of the Darshan Center for Spiritual Evolution, Wilton Manors.



1:30pm-3:30pm (1pm doors open)

Mr. Edgar Cayce Channeling Circle for Guidance on Your Life Questions


presented by Katy Simmone

$20 prepaid by July 26th @ 1pm; $25 at door. 

Max 25 guests       
Upstairs in Classroom #8



A wonderful opportunity to experience Channeling! 

Each attendee will get guidance on ONE life question as channeled by Katy Simmone, advanced channeler. She will directly voice channel Mr. Edgar Cayce, renowned American psychic in spirit, in a light trance to provide guidance to you. It is as if he is talking to you through her.  Mr. Edgar Cayce  acts as a high level advisor and is honest and tactful.  This will be done in a round robin format.

Please know that this is not a mediumship circle for connecting to loved ones in spirit.  They exist on other  different frequencies than Mr. Edgar Cayce does. Feel free to bring your recording device or record on your smart phone.

Katy will also talk about her spiritual awakening process that occurred in 2009 to help others who may be experiencing similar experiences during this Age of Aquarius.

KATY SIMMONE, Founder of Soul Evolution Center in Boca Raton, FL http://soulevolutioncenter.com/
Providing Guidance to Your Life Questions through Channelings
Katy is an advanced channeler, certified Angel Messenger Practitioner and a light worker   For more information about her services, please email her at

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





July 28th, Monday


Mediumship Development Circle (ongoing)

Rev. Vito LaNave, Medium

7pm-9pm (doors open 630pm)

UPSTAIRS in Classroom #8.   Max 25 Guests.

$15 prepaid by July 27th; $20 at door.



 In this 2-hour class presented by Rev. LaNave, you will learn how to directly and easily connect with your Spirit Guides and Individual Persons in the Spirit World. Take the fear out of speaking / demonstrating your Gifts. You can do it! Rev. Vito's direct approach will have you working efficiently with any of your 5 Clair-Senses. Dont know what your BEST Psychic Clair-Sense is? Come find out! By the end of this class, each student WILL be able to deliver a Basic Message from Spirit! Let's have fun... Through REGULAR and Committed Attendance to our Mediumship Development Circle, your intuitive skills will increase, becoming more evidential.  All are welcomed.



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