The Power of Followup – Judy Garmaise

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  • Thursday | September 26, 2019
  • 7:00 pm
  • 1480 SW 9 Ave inside Graham Fasana Chapel space on Sunshine Cathedral Campus Ft Lauderdale FL 33315
  • 754-300-1428 or 954-614-0952

“Master the most crucial skill in business and in life!”


“Judy is a masterful presenter and an electrifying speaker. Her unique blend of brilliant technique, experience, knowledge, creativity and humor in her training provide the ultimate formula for success.”

“Judy’s training & book were incredible! It has enhanced both my personal and professional life. I always knew follow up was important, but I didn’t realize HOW important and HOW to do it RIGHT!”

*Doors open to Downstairs Chapel Space @ 630pm –  30 mins prior to start time. 

The Power of Follow Up is indeed powerful stuff! Judy’s dynamic delivery commanded the room of top performers and provided amazing insights into how to engage our clients and build lasting relationships with them.” 

The Follow Up training is the best training I have ever attended. Judy is insightful, engaging and inspiring.”

“With more communication tools available to us than ever before, The Power of Follow Up, is a mission critical read. On every page Judy teaches us how to take this often neglected, potentially uncomfortable part of the sales cycle and make it your own in an empowering and delightful way.”




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Judy Garmaise has over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing. Early in her sales career she noticed that her income would skyrocket once she committed to practicing solid follow up techniques. Later, as the owner of JB Tucker, Inc., a thriving recruiting firm for Software Sales Management in New York City, she used her follow up skills to successfully place high-powered professionals, sales managers and sales reps, and systems engineers and negotiate the best employment deal for her clients.

Today she trains business professionals in a variety of industries, including financial, retail, real estate and many more, the skills that made her the follow up expert she is today. She coaches professionals at all levels, from managerial to sales to customer service. By providing quality, insightful education on the skills of follow up, Judy empowers individuals and businesses to be profitable, successful, and marketplace leaders while maintaining integrity and trust.

Judy has a Bachelors degree from Boston University and a Masters degree in Social Work from Columbia University in New York, and is a certified social worker. She has also conducted Stress Management and Life Enhancement workshops around the United States. Her educational and skills background enables her to effectively work with and manage a wide variety of personnel.

Judy Garmaise, MSW, CSW
Professional Speaker
Sales Expert
Follow Up Extraordinaire


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