Event details

  • Sunday | June 3, 2018
  • 11:00 am
  • Graham-Fasana Chapel
  • 754-300-1428

Open to All in Attendance

This COMMON UNION RITUAL is an individual event for any person in public worship of God with others. The only Minister in this affirmation ritual of Communion with Highest Divine Love and Order is the individual, his/or herself. By this public activity, one AFFIRMS that one’s Higher Christed-Consciousness IS…and always HAS… been¬ part of God’s Spirit, and is IN Connected-Communication… that declares:    I am-THAT-I-AM.

We invite every person in attendance this day to approach the altar and take from each of the 2 Symbolic Elements of Divine Nurturing.
BREAD – is a wholesome substance that symbolizes Support and Nurturing of the physical person by the Nature of Divine Source.
JUICE –   is a fluid substance that symbolizes the Spiritual Flow, the Nurturing Energy of God’s Divine Life-Sustaining Principle.

Again, we welcome all to participate as they are called. 

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