Coral Springs Warren Caylor Experience

Event details

  • April 29, 2018
  • 1:00 pm
  • Spiritual Journey 7420 Wiles Road Coral Springs, FL 33067
  • (954) 752-2329

Coral Springs / Parkland Florida Event Location

hosted by Spiritual Journey


Must not be afraid of the dark, claustrophobic, or have neurological conditions easily affected by such seance experiences. 

The Warren Caylor Experience
(English Materialization Physical Medium)

A Materialization “Spirit Circle” Séances (PUBLIC)
* Direct Voice (of Spirits into room), Levitation, Apports (gifts from the spirit realms), Spirit Light phenomena, Ectoplasmic phenomena in Candle and/or Red light, and more are all potentials within such an experience.

Times: 1pm – 4pm *doors open 30 minutes prior. 
Please be early! Doors will be locked promptly at 1pm. Those not present will not be allowed into sacred space if late. 

SÉANCE Details: In these PUBLIC séances Warren will give a brief Orientation to his work before actually beginning the séance segment. Once this Medium is searched/secured/bound/gagged, he will then enter a trance state within a completely darkened setting, which will bring through the Spirit team that works with him. You will experience independent sounds and lights in the room, as well as touches from spirit materialized forms and more. Séance objects will levitate, move around and be interacted with by Spirit directly. Apportation is a common element within Warren’s séances that you will likely experience. You will also have a chance, in either candle or red light, to see ectoplasm that is generated by the spirit team, and well as materialized forms that come from that ectoplasm. Our singing will help raise the vibrations and energy needed to accomplish these phenomena.

*No Refunds or Credits Allowed for any reason after April 20, 2018 as our Medium has traveled across the globe to serve our center. Plan accordingly.

RSVP As Soon As Possible – WILL SELL OUT FAST!!! We are taking FULL Prepayments to reserve your seats. Please do not hesitate to reserve soon. We cannot stress this enough. Once the evenings are sold out, no more seats will be available. No one will be allowed to simply “Show Up at the Door”. 
please no electronics bring sweater room will be cold

COST $75.00 if paid by 4/20    $100.00 after 4/20 
Max # of Guests: 20

PLEASE RSVP 954-752-2329

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