Metaphysics and the Calling of God TIM JACK

Event details

  • July 22, 2018
  • 8:00 am
  • Graham Fasana Chapel DOWNSTAIRS
  • 754-300-1428

with Rev. Tim Jack

SUNDAY, July 22 , 2018
8AM – 9:30AM
Location: Chapel Downstairs


Being, “Called by God” or doing, “The Will of God” or being, “Spiritual”, has many dynamics. There are universal truths that are understood and practiced throughout all Religions that make up what we know as a, “Church”, a “Temple” or a, “Spiritual Center”.  There are also some very vast differences between the, Metaphysical Church and the others. This Class was specifically created for the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida to educate and enlighten our congregation as we journey and work together to accomplish the next phase of what Spirit has for us. On a personal level it will inspire you as an individual to discover where you “fit” in the world as a spirit light. This Class is taught by Reverend Tim Jack who has been a minister for 38 years and has been a student of metaphysics for the last 8.  Reverend Tim brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in helping us understand our purpose together as congregants and leaders.

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Class Highlights:

  • Knowing and Accepting Your true self
  • You have potential and You are a creator
  • You have purpose and are called by God
  • The Universe has plans for YOU
  • Defining the term, “Spiritual Community”
  • Where do YOU fit within the Spiritual Community?
  • Hearing from Spirit
  • Messages from Spirit
  • Much, much more…


If you are a Congregant who considers the Metaphysical Chapel your home, you are strongly encouraged to attend this class. If you are a volunteer already or a church leader, this class is a must so that we can effectively move forward into what Spirit has for you.