Initiation Seance – Kai Felix (Germany)  

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  • Thursday | October 17, 2019
  • 7:00 pm
  • ROOM 8 upstairs
  • 754-300-1428

Initiation Seance – Kai Felix (Germany)  

7pm to 1130pm (doors open 630pm) *YES – Events go very late!  

Initiation Séances with Table Levitation Experiences of the Felix Circle do align and introduce different in the séanceroom present energy-forms productively. In combination with a Deep-Trance séance on Saturday and Monday (Materialization Cabinet Seances), the sitters-, room- and spirit-team-energies are tuned into a harmonic whole to serve for best results on both occasions.



Initiation-Séances do happen in a setting comparable to Eusapia Paladino, the famous Physical Medium of the past! Its specialties and characteristics are the increased physiological integration on part of the sitters and an own class of phenomena basically not playing any role in the typical deep-trance cabinet séance.
As it is the case – vice versa!

So we have here in fact two different full scale séance-scenarios, meanwhile the Initiation-séance may be generating supportive and optimizing elements for the cabinet séance. Although both séance-settings can be activated independently from one another as well!

On behalf of the integrative momentum specifically the Initiation-séance is suitable to introduce new sitters consistently to the escalating grades of the phenomenon-classes and to experience the most varied combination of spirit-communication and -phenomena!

Donation:  $100

COMBO – Attending (1) Initiation Seance AND (1) Cabinet Materialization Seance = $180.

PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE:  You may also make 2-3 payment installments to pay for your ticket(s), once monthly starting with first payment upon making your Reservation.   Call Rev Tim 754-300-1428 and ask for such. Do NOT Register via this link on this page – call our office for Payment Plan

*Discounts applied on FINAL PAYMENT (3rd) SCREEN.
*Online $2/Ticket Fee
*Online & Live Ticket Sales CLOSE [3pm day of event / 11pm night prior to event.]

DISCOUNTS (if any) Applied to Tickets on FINAL PAYMENT PAGE

FOR TICKET PURCHASE BY PHONE, call (800) 595-4849.
Tickets ordered by phone include a $3.50 per-ticket fee.

General Church Event Questions Only: * 754-300-1428
*Available Mon – Thursday (10a-2p)


The Felix Circle Experience  – Since late 2004 the experimental sitters circle for Séance Room Phenomena, Physical Mediumship and Spirit Contact near Frankfurt/Germany, the Felix Experimental Group or Felix Circle, is active and involved in highly sophisticated experimentation and group healing activities. Inspired by the work of others and supported through findings of a new generation of open holistically thinking scientists the circle steps weekly across the borderline of our reality…!

Felix Circle’s Website:
STUNNING HISTORY of Kai’s work and historical research.

About the Medium: 

The Felix Circle’s Founder – Frankfurt, Germany:  Being for the first years permanently ill , he was as a child handed over to every clinic imaginable. As a child he had his first memory of leaving his body and converse with etheric entities. With 5 he wrote about parallel realms and their intrusion into the human world. Early he read about reincarnation, occultism, hypnosis. As a 12 year old school pupil he was drawn to school comrades, in whose home grave Poltergeist-manifestations were taking place. Since then he was a committed scholar of “The nightside of Nature”(J.Kerner). He learned hypnosis, deep meditation and non-common consciousness-states. He consulted RSPK-victims, experimented with ITC, Trance- and Physical Mediumship and Clearing-Methods. Not until end of 2004 his mediumistic mission became clear. He founded the “Felix Experimental Group”, sophisticated mediumistic experimentation and healing-activities. Paraphysical phenomena were regularly produced for intl. guests and scientists. Besides his work as Medium, K.M. published articles about RSPK, PSI and unidentified aerial phenomena. He is documentation-filmer and orderly member of the “German Press Journalists”, studied pedagogic in Frankfurt.

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