NEW YEAR’S HEALING VOICE Group Demonstration

Event details

  • Monday | January 1, 2018
  • 7:00 pm
  • RM 8 upstairs
  • 754-300-1428

HEALING VOICE Group Demonstration Krisztina Nemeth  – The Singing Medium

7pm (doors open 630pm)

Location: RM8 Upstairs
Donation: $20 reg rate


Healing Voice is a spiritual healing through Krisztina’s operatic voice. Through unique sounds the Spiritual World works on everyone and everything knowing exactly what they need to feel better, centered and reconnected. Healing Voice changes the personal frequency and operates on physically, emotionally and spiritually level. Krisztina is a channel, a link between the visible and the invisible world. Krisztina channeling operates through her voice.

What happens during a Healing Voice group evening and during the individual sessions?


The evening and the session are channeling and have 2 parts.
1. Healing Voice – everyone receives spiritual healing through Krisztina’s Healing Voice.
2. After Healing Voice the Spiritual Guides speak directly to the pubblic and bring messages.

Can I participate to the group healing more than once? If yes, why and how many times can this be?

Yes, it is recommended to participate more than once or until one feels they have the need to. Group healing is also a great opportunity for those who do not want to participate to an individual session. During the group session Healing Voice changes the frequencies this accelerating the transformation process of the individual and/or of the group. (The group choice is never random)

Can I participate to the individual session more than once? If yes, for how many times can this be?

Yes, it is recommended to participate until one feels they have the need to and this varies from person to person. The Spiritual World chooses a main theme to work on through Healing Voice, specific to each individual. At the end of the session this topic is explained through the messages deriving from the Spiritual World. Each session is different. This can be explained by using a metaphor: each individual is similar to an ‘onion’ and the Spiritual World starts working on the fist layer, providing the support and the information that are useful to improve daily life and fulfill the pursued changes.

The following sessions deals with the further layers, progressively moving towards the heart of the ‘onion’, of the individual.

Why take part in a workshop? Can I participate more than once?
Yes, it is recommended to participate until one feels they have the need to.
Important: usually Krisztina doesn’t carry out Healing Voice during workshops.

Basic Workshop (for those who have never worked with Krisztina)
Even though it is not required to know how to sing, during the workshop the participants test their own voice, sensitivity and mediumship through exercises that are guided by Krisztinas Spiritual Team. The conscious connection with your own Spiritual Guide and working through ‘feeling’ the energies to be able to differentiate them are all aspect that are taught during this workshop. One also learns how to recognize frequencies and how to use your personal sounds and to experiment the sound in connection to the Spiritual World. You learn the difference between ‘ I am a healer’ and ‘I allow myself to be an instrument through which the Spiritual World can heal’. You ultimately learn how to gain from your interior strength to then be able to bring this experience in your everyday life.
’The more I get to know myself the more I learn to love myself and thus I will lead my life, with awareness, towards the change I desire. Thanks to the Spiritual World I reinforce the connection between my mind and my Being.’ – Kri –
Advanced Workshop 
(for those who have already taken part in one of Krisztina’s workshops and has already done a retreat)
During this workshop the Spiritual World works through Krisztina even more in depth. The participants experiment channeling their own and other people’s energies, meditation and trance. Through the use of sound you will enter a state of deep connection with yourself and with others. Spiritual healing is experienced even more in depth. Working with the Spiritual World requires the exercise and the will to be at their availability. This means than you never finish ‘studying’. To be a ‘channel’ means to learn to put aside your own ego and to allow the Spiritual World to bring pure love healing.

Why take part in a retreat? Can I participate more than once?
Yes, it is recommended to participate until one feels they have the need to and this varies from person to person.
What is experienced in the highly energetic places where the retreats take place supports the process of self-healing and, through experimentation, awareness takes shape day after day thus initiating the real transformation.
The retreat gives you the possibility to stay in close contact with yourself and with nature.
During the retreats daily situations that reflect personal and/or group themes will be experienced. Work, through Krisztina, is always different, because even the smallest things have their own profound meaning (think of a simple walk as an example), even though in that precise moment they cannot be understood. It could be that the answers you are looking for will arrive after months. In the Spiritual World time doesn’t exist as we, who live in the matter, intend it. This is why changes arrive only when the individual is ready to face the next stage. This also depends on our stubbornness of not letting go of the different behaviors that have characterized us up to now.
We are the change, if we want it, now. 


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