Get Your VEESA Improving the World Around You

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  • January 28, 2018
  • 3:00 pm
  • 754-300-1428

hosted by Tim Jack


ONLINE WEBINAR ADDRESS will be delivered to all prepaid ticket holders one day prior, if not sooner. 

Get Your VEESA – Improving the World Around You
Principles of Leadership and Management for Every Day Situations.
Perfect for Business Owners – Church Leaders – Entrepreneurs – Office Workers – Charity Groups!

Would you like a more enjoyable home life?

Could you appreciate a better work environment as either an employee or as the boss?

Wouldn’t it be great to increase morale and enjoy everything around you at a much higher level?

After 4 decades of studying and following great leaders as well as being in strong leadership positions myself, I have developed a 5-point course on how to greatly improve the world around you.
I invite you to join me as I host my webinar entitled, VEESA.


Hiring for Positions while using these Laws (The Law of Navigation,
The Law of Magnetism, The Law of Empowerment, The Law of the Buy in)

Personality Traits that Dont Make Leaders

80/20 Rule

Responsibilities of Leaders (and Followers)

Purpose of a Board of Directors in your Org/Business

Powerful Historical Examples of Spiritual Leadership that Apply to Non-Believers too

Building your Support Base (Discipleship)

2 Behaviors of Leaders One MUST STOP DOING
and more…

Tim Jack Bio
Tim has served as the Director of a nationally known tour group that traveled the U.S. He has conducted orchestras and large choirs across the nation and produced live stage pageantry.

As President of his recording company and a worldwide touring organization, he has made hundreds of television appearances while traveling the globe producing TV programs and serving as an Advisor on organizational leadership for production companies, as well as churches.

Tim is also an Ordained Minister who spent 22 of those years serving as Musical Director and/or Administrator for several successful ministries.

Currently, Tim is President of Entera Entertainment Group, Inc., a production company. He gives back by serving his church as a board member and Musical Director. His passion has always been mentoring young musicians to help guide their lives and careers towards success.

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