WEBINAR Dr Brian Weiss Certified Hypnosis and Past Life Regression

Event details

  • August 12, 2018
  • 1:30 pm
  • 754-300-1428


*Dr Weiss will NOT be Present. Our speakers are Certified through his program.


Join us to uncover through hypnosis and past life regression facilitated by Dexter and Alessandrina, spiritual counselors and healers, as taught by world-renowned Dr. Brian Weiss who you’ve been, and ways in which your past lives are still influencing you to this day. 

In this hands-on and highly interactive workshop, we’ll uncover:

* how to access your past lives through hypnosis

* how to understand the significance of your past lives in your current life and life results

* how to access deep-seated and hidden fears, beliefs, and trauma from past lives that continue to influence, and maybe even limit, you in your present life incarnation

* how to release and transcend any limitations and unresolved pain, phobia, and trauma from past lives

* how to make the most out of this lifetime through learning and integrating the lessons from your past lives

RSVP for this exclusive event lead by Dexter and Alessandrina Dorer, Dr. Brian Weiss certified Past Life Regression facilitators.

$25 prepaid by Aug 11; Door Rate $35
*Online Ticket Sales CLOSE 11:30pm night prior to Sunday’s event.

FOR TICKET PURCHASE BY PHONE, call (800) 595-4849.
Tickets ordered by phone include a $3.50 per-ticket fee.
General Event Questions: 754-300-1428

For general questions or special requests (not ticketing), call or text us at 786 308 9552, or email us at alessandrina@dexterandalessandrina.com

If you can’t attend this workshop on this date, consider any one of our monthly group hypnosis and past life regression workshops.  To find a date that works for you, visit us at www.dexterandalessandrina.com/events


Alessandrina Dorer

My husband and I are spiritual counselors, hypnotherapists, healers, life coaches, past life regression therapists, public speakers, and founders of CMBT – a training program for Conscious Companies. We help people achieve their goals, manage difficult life circumstances, learn to self-heal, and feel truly fulfilled and happy.

Primary life coaching website: www.dexterandalessandrina.com
Website with free guided meditations for all: www.theepicself.com
Conscious Relationships Course for Individuals
Meditation Book: Meditation Made Simple


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