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  • Sunday | September 30, 2018
  • 2:00 pm
  • 1480 SW 9th Ave. , Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315 (inside Sunshine Cathedral's Graham-Fasana Chapel) *(drive to SW 15th St, turn east. Look for Chapel w/ 2 Red Doors)

an experiential workshop with author Josie RavenWing

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Cost: $40 if pre-registered by 9/28 (as far in advance as possible, please, as space is limited), or $50 at the door

FOR TICKET PURCHASE BY PHONE, call (800) 595-4849
Tickets ordered by phone include a $3.50 per-ticket fee.
General Event Questions: 754-300-1428

We invite you to this special cord-cutting event with Josie RavenWing.

In this workshop we will learn about the powerful spiritual/energetic bonds that are created between parents and children, between siblings, between sexual partners, and even about the energetic effects of non-consensual sex.  Then we will move through a spiritual healing process to begin clearing the energy body of some of the stagnant or disruptive energies from these relationships, without detracting from any positive aspects.  By doing so, participants will regain a degree of energetic freedom and autonomy that they may never have experienced prior to this process.

Who would most benefit from this experience?
Those who answer “yes” to any of the following questions as well as psychotherapists and other healers.

*Do you still struggle with separating your identity from that of your parents?
*Do sexual partners from the past still show up unwanted in your dreams or waking thoughts?
*Are you having trouble coming to terms with a separation or divorce in your past?
*Do you have a child over 12-13 years of age who is draining you on some level?
*Have you had numerous sexual partners in your past?  And do you have trouble crating a deep and intimate relationship now, even if you think that’s what you want?
*Have you ever been forced or coerced into sex, either as a child or as an adult?
*Do you suffer from addictions and/or chronically low energy?
*Are you interested in learning (more) about our spiritual/energetic nature, specifically as it applies to sexual exchanges and healing?

Whether you are new to spiritual healing work or you’re a long-term practitioner, you will find many aspects of this unique experiential event relevant to your life. 

Josie has written several books, including one, “The Return of Spirit,” that includes a review of the cord-cutting as well as other spiritual and inner growth processes, which will all be available at the event. She will also have for sale beautiful blessed crystals and jewelry from the Casa, and her guided healing meditation CD. Please bring a check book or cash for purchases of Josie‘s items, NOT CREDIT CARDS!

We suggest that attendees wear comfortable clothing and bring water to drink and a foam mat or thick blankets to lie down on for the actual cord-cutting process.

About Josie RavenWingJosie has long been a pioneer in the fields of holistic health and spiritual healing. She has taught workshops worldwide for several decades on the subjects of shamanism, healing, and other aspects of personal development, and does individual healing sessions as well.

Josie was one of the first non-Brazilians to experience John of God’s work, and at his authorization became the first North American to start taking people to see him.  As of June, 2018, she has been a guide for 151 groups to the Casa, John of God’s spiritual healing center in Brazil.  She has written a beautiful, informative and eloquent book about his work, The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus, in addition to her other two books: A Season of Eagles and The Return of Spirit: A Woman’s Call to Spiritual Action. Please visit Josie‘s web site at to learn more about Josie and her work.

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