CANCELLED Christmas Séance Experience

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  • Friday | December 1, 2017 to Tuesday | December 5, 2017
  • All Day
  • 754 300 1428


Old Spiritualist Christmas Séance Experience

Warren Caylor (UK)

DECEMBER 1-4, 2017

3 Christmas Styled Materialization “Spirit Circle” Séances…
The Spirit Children will Join Us too!!!

*Direct Voice (of Spirits into room), Levitation, Apports (gifts from the spirit realms), Spirit Light phenomena, Ectoplasmic phenomena in Candle and/or Red light, and more are all potentials within such an experience.

DEC 1, 2, 4  (Friday/Sunday/Monday)
Christmas Materialization Séances

SÉANCE Price  $50 Donation

[Payment Plan Available – call Office 754-300-1428  (Ask for Rev. Kevin to discuss this option]

Times: (Friday, Saturday and Monday)     Max # of Guests: 18
7pm – 10pm  *doors open 30 minutes prior. Classroom #8 Upstairs. 

SÉANCE Details:  The “Christmas Tree Séance” is an old Spiritualistic Tradition. The very common “child-controls” (spirit children) in Physical Mediumship are especially invited to have Christmas experiences most of them never had in their short lives. A Christmas Tree will be positioned 4 or 5 feet in front of the cabinet area and around it, in a radius of 3 feet, many wrapped Christmas presents will be piled high! So the phenomenological part is that these children then materialize in the room and even though the medium sits audibly confirmed by his breathing and continuous remarks (or being deeply entranced) while bound in his cabinet… in front of the cabinet area you will perceive numerous little feet tapping around and the ripping open of many of the presents. * The joy of children’s laughter and play will totally fill the space as they rush in to welcome us and opening their presents! It will become a Memory of a Lifetime for all lucky attendees – guaranteed!  *Christmas themed seances require all Attendees to bring a Wrapped Child’s NEW Toy or Gift with NO BATTERIES in it and No Name or Description of Item on outside. These toys will be donated to Kids in Distress (Wilton Manors).  



TIMES listed on Registration Page – $100 for 50 minutes. *Bring own Recorder and Notepaper.
Held either RM 8 upstairs or private home of Rev. Kevin Lee – Address provided upon registration.



*No Refunds or Credits Allowed for any reason AFTER NOV 30 as our Medium has travelled across the globe to serve our chapel.  

RSVP As Soon As Possible – WILL SELL OUT FAST!!!
We are taking FULL Prepayments to reserve your seats. Please do not hesitate to reserve soon. We cannot stress this enough. Once the evenings are sold out, no more seats will be available. No one will be allowed to simply “Show Up at the Door”. All parties must be properly documented and registered beforehand.

Warren Caylor’s Website

Warren’s Blog-site below beautifully describes the various séance phenomena many have repeatedly experienced through his outstanding physical Mediumship abilities.
Warren Caylor’s Blogsite:

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