Awaken Your Kundalini Energy – Jeevali Pranayam

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  • Sunday | November 18, 2018
  • 1:30 pm
  • Room 8 upstairs
  • 7543001428
Pathway to Spiritual Enlightenment: Awaken Your Kundalini Energy (hosted by Jeevali Pranayam)
“Kundalini Energy” is an energy that lies dormant in your lower spine. When it is “Awakened,” this energy leads to a very high level of “Spiritual Awareness.”
An increase in the productivity of the level of one’s existing innate talents occurs, as well the discovery of Abilities that were previously dormant. People with Awakened Kundalini Energy are often said to encompasses a radiant, esoteric presence.  They may even appear to have Abilities or Talents that have a “supernatural” quality to them. This class details what Kundalini energy is, and teaches different methods to awaken dormant Kundalini Energy as well. These methods include Meditation, Healing Modalities, Yoga (philosophical), as well as Sound and Music.
Get ready to transcend to a new level heightened spiritual awareness, abilities, and consciousness!
Jeevali Pranayam is a highly intuitive, experienced instructor, and keeps her teachings extremely simple to understand, and clear and concise to follow. Jeevali is a certified Yoga and Meditation instructor, Ordained Minister, Reiki Healer, Sannyassin (Seeker of Truth), and holds a BSN in Nursing. She is also a Spiritual Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, and an Intuitive Empath. Currently, Jeevali holds various workshops on a myriad of topics locally as well as throughout the US.

TIMES:  1:30pm doors open. 2pm start time.

Donation: $20 prepaid by Nov 17th;  $25 regular rate

Event will be VIDEO RECORDED – Attendees must sign waivers at door and or sit out of camera view. 


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