Astrology and Ayurveda for Love, Romance & Compatibility

Event details

  • Sunday | April 5, 2020 to Sunday | February 16, 2020
  • 1:30 pm
  • Room 8 Upstairs
  • 954-614-0952


130pm-330pm approx (doors open 1pm)

APRIL 5 – Astrology and Ayurveda for Love, Romance & Compatibility
MAR 15 Astrology and Ayurveda for Health and Life Abundance Workshop
APRIL 26 – Astrology and Ayurveda for Career and Life Purpose


Our Astrology and Ayurveda Workshop for Love & Romance will consist of:

A discussion of the connection between Astrology and Ayurveda and how these ancient practices can be used to manifest the perfect partner, evaluate compatibility and create harmony in your current relationships.

We’ll provide a detailed description of the scientific credibility of Astrology.  This will include a brief history of its application and a correlation of modern science principles and this ancient art form. Within the description we’ll discuss significant planetary arrangements in the individual’s natal chart and how Astrology describes every nuance of a person’s personality and physical tendencies including tendencies towards choices in partners and relationships.

In addition, there will be a brief description of the history of Ayurveda and how a person’s Astrological birth chart is manifested in their own personal Ayurvedic profile.

We cannot change our Astrological Birth Chart, but we can rectify any tendencies by balancing our Ayurvedic energies. Sometimes what we want in a partner doesn’t necessarily coincide with what our Astrological Birth Chart indicates what would be best for us. We must first understand who we are before attempting to attract our perfect love.

During the second part of the workshop we will ask for two volunteers, one who is presently looking for a partner and the other who is in an existing relationship and wants to evaluate their compatibility. This portion of the practical workshop may extend to other attendees if time allows.



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Dr. Scott Keller has been a Board-certified practicing chiropractic physician for 27 years, Astrologer, Medical Intuitive and Ayurvedic Physician. He worked as a practicing physician and metaphysician at the Association of Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), The Edgar Cayce Foundation in Manhattan which he began in 1995. Dr. Scott has reached epic proportions in treating over 10,000 patients during this time at the Cayce foundation. His techniques are completely unique in treatment and involve not only the use of traditional Western allopathic medical approaches and chiropractic but also utilization of Astrological, Ayurvedic and Past Life information. His record of clinical success includes well-known celebrities from around the globe and his manner and treatment success through application and education is key therein.

Lois Duncan is a deeply compassionate intuitive healer, transformational life coach, speaker, and yoga teacher, with a vast understanding of applied psychology, metaphysics, astrology, Ayurveda, Human Design and Gene Keys. After experiencing a profound healing from a lifelong illness through natural medicines and transforming her life, she is dedicated to being a catalyst for the healing of others through sharing her wisdom and supporting clients to gain a much clearer understanding of themselves utilizing various healing modalities so they can create the life of their dreams. She is a safe space and guide, offering excellent POST READING SUPPORT so our clients can implement their new-found knowledge to become their highest and best self.