Please call our office 754-300-1428 and ask for more information to be shared with you. One of our teachers will be happy to talk to you over the phone or after church services any day. 

The Children’s Ministry program at the Metaphysical Chapel is one that works to answer your child’s questions about God, all religions on earth, the great Master Teachers (i.e. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed) and the teachings within Divine Metaphysics (our religion).  Our program does this in a way that honors the many paths to God and the many ways to worship God, with metaphysical instruction and learning that is firmly rooted in love and empowerment.

We recognize that there are many expressions of family life in today’s society. We fully embrace diversity. Our affirming environment fosters a positive self-image and personal responsibility while sharing unconditional love and acceptance.

Additionally, our program offers practical, spiritual teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living. The adult teachers in our Children’s Ministry have made a commitment to leading and supporting our children regularly. Teenage children assist our adult teachers in the form of Big Sister/Big Brother format which teaches them responsibility and service while they demonstrate kindness and support for the little ones. This adult/teen format keeps the focus of their role to one of guidance and mentoring as the children explore the Bible & other Holy Texts, God, and the various Master Teachers. We honor our children and their families by providing a safe environment. The adult teachers in our Children’s Ministry have passed a full background check annually.

The Metaphysical Chapel’s Children’s Ministry provides a strong spiritual foundation for children’s lives and their soul’s greatest unfoldment naturally. We are a growing ministry that provides a solid platform to meet the needs of the youth and families within our spiritual community. Come grow in the Truth Teachings of Divine Metaphysics with our church family!

As Metaphysical educators, we are here to guide the children and youth on their journey of spiritual unfoldment and to help them to recognize their own Divinity. In truth, “We are here not to entertain the children, but to guide them to unfold their greatest potential!”